George Gregory

George graduated in 2012 and is currently a Creative Producer for Fixers UK

How did you get that job?
While I was at Uni I did a lot of work experience; they recommended 120 hours over the 3 years but I did about 200. I’m grateful to Trish Morris because she put me in contact with a BBC producer who I ended up editing a documentary series for! Then after graduating  I did a few more projects (not just editing but everything), freelance projects for people and businesses, at the same time as working part time at a local family portrait company where I helped pack boxes! Then I did some freelance camera/editing for a Dorset-based wedding company, and continued to for the past 2 years! In October 2012, I started working part time at PC World, then started filming/editing for a Hampshire-based wedding company, all while still working at PC World. So I had two wedding companies plus PC World plus the occasional random other video project on the go. I left PC World in Summer 2013, and got my first full-time videography,  job being the Digital Video Developer for a global technical furniture company called Thinking Space Systems. That was interesting because it was a 40 week partnership between Solent and Thinking Space. That ended about 3 months ago, and then straight after that I started working at Fixers UK.
What do you think is the most valuable piece of information or learning that you received at Solent?
I’d say the most valued aspect of Solent to me is generally how involved and focused with the video industry they are, in a number of ways. One being their contacts (Pete for example), another being the opportunities (I mean, they have whole unit that actually GIVES you real industry projects), another being the fact that straight away you’re hands-on with cameras, another being the opportunities they give you to start your own business for example (I went a 3-day business course they had). Of course the job at Thinking Space was an actual partnership between the Uni and Thinking Space! I wouldn’t have got that job if I wasn’t a graduate at Solent.
If you could give your undergraduate self a helpful piece of advice, what would it be?
Don’t waste opportunities, and when you take an opportunity, give it 110%
“Stay busy, stay working. Treat everything like its your first project”
What is your proudest moment?
That’s mildly awkward timing because I’m in the middle of editing this project that could become my most proud project. But, until that’s finished, I’d say the project I’m most proud of is this music video:

The reason is that I did virtually everything myself. I wrote, produced, directed, edited myself. I scouted locations before the shoot, bought costumes, wrote the shot-list, wrote the call sheet, hired the lights, organised the actors. The only thing I didn’t do was operate the camera! Now the thing is, that video may not even be the BEST project I’ve done, but it’s the proudest because of all the effort I put in (and how well it turned out).
Where do you want to be/where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
My plan is to review how close I am to achieving my long-term goal of working on Hollywood films [long term aspirations on ILP hand-in]. I also want to have at least one legitimate short film under my belt.

Interviewed October 2014