Richard Morrison

Richard Morrison is a graphic designer, director/producer, feature film narrative consultant, photographer and motivational speaker/lecturer. Mentored by Maurice Binder, the mastermind behind the opening sequences for many of the early James Bond movies, creative director Richard is a specialist in the creation of film and TV title sequences and channel branding.

9. Richard has worked on more than 150 motion pictures, from cult to award winning blockbusters, including Batman, Quadrophenia, Welcome to the Punch, Sweeney Todd, HBO’s 2014 Emmy award nominee Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight, and the up-coming Jupiter Ascending. He has become a partner of choice for directors like Tim Burton, Ridley Scott, Eran Creevy, Hossein Amini, Morgan Spurlock, Stephen Frears and The Wachowski’s.

He has also designed branding identities and interstitials for leading companies and broadcasters across the world such as Ealing Studios, Between the Eyes, Hatrick Productions and Daybreak Pictures, as well as TV2 Norway, MNet South Africa, BBC Scotland and Ulster Television (UTV).

Richard is an author, lecturer, and photographer. In 2009 he was appointed Honorary Professor of Digital Film School of Media Arts and Imaging at the University of Dundee, Scotland; in 2002 became Chairman of Europe’s leading film and animation conference, Pencil to Pixel; and 2001, he published the photographic work CUT to critical acclaim.

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